Dental Implants


bridge          Implant

Have you had a missing tooth?  Maybe more than one, and wished you could have back a full set of teeth?  Losing your teeth can be difficult to live with and can have many negative consequences.  One of the best ways to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth is through the use of dental implants.  Dental implants are a great alternative to restoration for people who have lost one or more teeth.

Dental implants come in a variety of styles and configurations designed to fit specifically into every conceivable need to what a patient may require.  Dental implants provide a secure platform for teeth replacements that feel similar to your natural teeth.  Single or multiple implants are secured to the jawbone and are used as anchors to replace a single tooth, replace multiple teeth, or restore all of your teeth.


Implant-retained-denture          implant-overdenture


(actual x-rays)

By using a single implant or multiple implants, we are able to secure your partial or complete denture.  This helps minimize shifting and moving of your denture.  Through the use of multiple implants, we can even fix your denture into implants and eliminate any movement at all!  No more denture glue, adhesives or denture pads.

We, at Goodman Dental Center, are excited to offer this in our practice.  Through the use of our 3D imaging technology, we can predictably plan and safely place the implant in the exact spot of your jaw that will give us the best, most predictable success.