Halloween and Your Teeth

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October 3, 2017
Preparing Your Teeth for Thanksgiving
November 9, 2017

Halloween and Your Teeth

Don’t let Halloween turn into an oral health nightmare!

Knowing and understanding what sugar does to your teeth will not only make you aware but will make you want to limit the amount of sugar intake during one of the most sugary holidays of the year.

What does sugar do to your teeth?

Oral bacteria runs on sugar. As soon as sugar enters the mouth, this bacteria activates and creates acids that destroy tooth enamel that then leads to monstrous cavities. The bacteria turns the sugar into a sort of glue that makes it harder for saliva and water to wash away the unwanted bacteria.

How to prevent tooth decay that comes from sugar?

The three easiest things you can do to prevent tooth decay is…

  1. Go to the dentist regularly. It’s probably even a good idea to even go after the Halloween hype has died down.
  2. Brushing and flossing two (or more) times a day will help fight off any and all bacteria that has kicked in due to excessive sugar intake.
  3. Watch what you eat and drink. Eating lots of calcium and vitamin-filled foods will help strengthen your teeth and drinking lots of water will help keep them bacteria-free.

Don’t let Halloween turn into an oral health nightmare. Understand what sugar can do to your teeth and do what you can to prevent it. Schedule an appointment today at Goodman Dental Center and we’ll be sure to make sure your teeth are bright and healthy.

Happy Halloween!

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