Preparing Your Teeth for Thanksgiving

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October 27, 2017
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Preparing Your Teeth for Thanksgiving

Are your teeth ready for Thanksgiving?

If you love food and family, Thanksgiving is most likely your favorite holiday. Although it is a prime time for family and food lovers, it definitely is not a prime time for our teeth. As yummy as Thanksgiving is, it definitely takes a toll on our dental hygiene and it’s important we are aware of it. So here are a few dental hygiene tips to keep in mind leading up to Thanksgiving Day.

Going into the holidays with a tooth problem is never a good idea and can affect your experience drastically. Going to your dental exams and perhaps scheduling an appointment a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving can ensure you will have a wonderful, enjoyable holiday.

Eating healthy during the holiday season is never an easy thing to do, but is essential for a healthy body and a healthy smile. One of the worst things to eat excessively is sugar. Sugar causes cavities, tooth corrosion, and other problems. Since sugary treats are very popular during this time of year, try to limit yourself to one treat a day or even one a week. This will keep your teeth looking bright and healthy.

So don’t be miserable this Thanksgiving, schedule and go to your dental appointments and make sure you’re eating healthy so you can enjoy the fun, delicious holiday.

Our team at Goodman Dental would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and to invite all to schedule an appointment after the Thanksgiving weekend to make sure their smile is still healthy as can be.

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