Jaci – May 6, 2010

I am one of those people who get to visit the dentist often. This whole office is amazing! They are all so friendly and helpful! The moment I walk in the door I am greeted with a smile and a nice warm “How are you doing?” I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Brian Goodman! He is SSSOOO nice and always concerned about what is best for me! He always has a happy attitude about him! Love love love everything about this dentist office.

Tricia Sachs – May 18, 2011

From the moment I walk in the door I have a smile on my face! Isn’t that ironic since it’s a dentist? I swear I want to put them in my pocket and carry them around with me so that when I have a bad day they can just say something wonderful and make me smile! The way they treat their patients is fabulous, it’s like you’re family! Our whole family goes there, and when I put our dental appointments into our calendar I put a smiley face! Honestly! They are gentle, kind, caring, and just fabulous! When Dr. Goodman is working on you he smiles, talks, and sometimes even sings softly along with the radio, I love it! Oh, and did I mention that they have massage chairs? :) Love them, and definitely recommend them to everyone I know!!! Go, see them now! lol

Cheryl – Sep 8, 2011

My crown came loose in my mouth. I am fairly new to Arizona and have not used a Doctor or Dentist. I found Dr. Goodman on the internet and read all 20 reviews and decided to see for myself!!. The receptionist, assistant and doctor, himself, were delightful and we even had a few laughs!!! I will definitely go back to see Dr. Goodman and his incredible staff who made me feel welcome and relaxed in the process. The crown is back in place and I am very grateful for their help!

R – Posted on Feb. 2, 2012

Just over a year ago we moved to the southeast part of Gilbert. As we got to know our neighbors, one of them several different times raved about their dentist, Dr. Brian Goodman, and how much they loved him and the staff. They had moved here from North Dakota and had a hard time finding a good dentist til they found Dr. Goodman. I happen to own a dental lab and have operated it for over 30 years and I have worked with numerous dentists throughout the valley,Arizona, and other states during that time. Early last year, about a month or so after my neighbor mentioned Dr. Goodman, a former business partner(Jesse) asked if I would make a new crown(cap, tooth) for him. I said yes and ask Jesse who his dentist was, to which he responded Dr. Brian Goodman. I went and picked up the case and began the work of fabricating a new crown. I was very impressed with the quality of work that Dr. Goodman had sent to me, it was impeccable. I have found over the years that the quality of my work is 100% dependent on the quality of the work sent to me by the dentist, thus I am very picky as to which dentists I will work with. Jesse was extremely happy with his new crown and the Goodman Dental Center. Since then I have I have done more work for Dr. Goodman and can say that he is one of the best, if not THE BEST, dentists in the whole valley. His staff is right up there with him. My family and I have started going to Dr. Goodman for our personal dental needs because of the quality of his work. We are extremely happy with him and his staff. For Christmas I gave my wife a certificate to go in and get her yellow teeth whitend at the Goodman Dental Center, boy was she ecstatic when she came home, her white teeth looked terrific!!!! She now has a gorgeouss smile and is very happy. The whole office staff are so great, they are always professional, happy, courteous, helpful and friendly. They make you feel right at home and comfortable to be around. We don’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Brian Goodman and his staff at the Goodman Dental Center to our other family members, friends and neighbors or any others that may ask, cuz they are THE GREATEST!!!!!!! THANKS A MILLION DR.GOODMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yapis – Mar 22, 2012

(where my 18 -year relationship with an ethical dentist ended when he died), I was hesitant to dentist “shop.” I asked but no one had a really comfortable referral. Finally, I went online and read MANY reviews for my area (Queen Creek) and elsewhere. I took a chance on Dr. Goodman based on several reasonable reviews. Am I glad I did! The staff is highly professional, courteous, welcoming, and friendly. My hygienist, AnnaLee, was delightful, efficient, and thorough. Dr. Goodman reminded me of my previous dentist–presant, professional, engaged, and gentle. To boot, no cavities…and he sent me on my merry, grateful way. I can’t recommend this dental group highly enough. And also very reasonably priced! Thank you, Goodman Dental Center!

Mike – Dec 18, 2012

I gave them a call first thing in the morning because I had very bad tooth ache. They ask if I could come right down and within 2 hours from my initial call I was pain free. Thanks to everyone for your immediate concern and treatment.

Annette T.- Dec 21, 2012

We are very pleased with all of the care we receive at your office. The staff is friendly and seems to truly care about each patient who comes in. We are all treated like we are all number one. Thank you for giving us the #1 treatment.