New Year, New Smile with our Teeth Whitening Sale

Everything can be merry and bright this winter, we can help with your smile during our teeth whitening sale!


This Holiday Season, treat yourself to an effective, affordable whitening treatment that leaves your teeth as white as snow, ZOOM! Teeth Whitening has been trusted by millions of people to whiten their teeth up to eight shades lighter in just 45 minutes.

From now through January 31st, we’re running a special on Zoom Teeth Whitening so you can confidently flash your pearly whites at all those festive events. For $195, you’ll receive a 90-minute, in-office whitening session and your teeth will look whiter and brighter after the treatment.

And don’t feel bad about spending money on yourself at Christmas, you’re getting an excellent value on this package usually, this: the normal cost of a 90-minute treatment is $295. When you take advantage of our special, you’ll save $100 off the regular price and get a home whitening kit and trays to keep your smile bright throughout the new year. Who doesn’t love getting a great deal during the holidays?

You can purchase a Zoom! treatment now through the end of the year but if holiday fun keeps you busy, wait until 2018 to have the service. We’re happy to accommodate your schedule!


Got questions about how ZOOM! Whitening works? Give us a call today, and we’ll fill you in. But don’t wait! The special pricing discount is only available until Jan. 31 2018.

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