Top 3 Worst Halloween Candies

If We Have to Choose Just 3..Top 3 Worst Halloween Candies

Let’s face it: at the end of this month, our children are going to marinate their teeth in sugar.  And we are probably going to sneak a few of their Halloween treasures after they go to bed.  It’s for their own good, after all.  Knowing that Halloween and its bounty of treats are part of the magic of childhood, the best we can do is be informed about what the worst Halloween candies are, for our sweet children’s teeth.

Be on high-alert for candies that are:

Chewy/Gummy Halloween Candies

Chewy candies such as caramel and taffy are expert at sticking in every groove and between every tooth.  This is also true of gummy candies such as fruit snacks, gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy rings, etc.  Once the delectable goo from these treats sticks to a tooth’s surface, it is hard for saliva to wash it away.  As the sugar sits, bacteria in the mouth starts breaking it down into acid.  As you can imagine, acid starts breaking teeth down into cavities.  Even if they try to lull you into a false sense of security by claiming to be “naturally fruit flavored,” these candies are still as harmful as the artificial stuff.

Hard Halloween Candies

Hard candies, like lollipops and Jolly Ranchers, don’t stick to teeth the same way  the gummy and chewy kind do, but the effects are equally nefarious: these candies take a long time to dissolve, rinsing the mouth in destructive sugars that turn into acids.  Not to mention that hard candies are sometimes the cause of chipped teeth, which can be painful!

Sour Halloween Candies

There are a lot of popular sour candies. The danger in these types of treats is that they are already loaded with citric acids.  That is what makes them so face-twistingly fun!  But that acid mixed with sugar wreaks havoc on your mouth and your teeth alike.

Nobody wants to ruin the joy of Halloween!  Allowing our children, and ourselves, to indulge in a few treats occasionally is fun.  If we are aware of what is being consumed, we can be vigilant about taking steps to help clean the teeth after even the worst Halloween candies are consumed.  At least rinsing with water and of course, when possible, brushing immediately after consumption are good ways to clean off acids that would attack the teeth.  Brushing and flossing is your best defense.

So stock up on new toothbrushes and have a happy healthy Halloween!

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