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Use It or Lose It | Flexible Spending Accounts

Take advantage of your flexible spending accounts and insurance benefits before the year ends!

The end of the year is here and there’s a ton on everyone’s mind. What to do for the holidays, where to go for the kids’ fall and winter breaks, what sales to hit before they end, and so much more. However, one common thing that doesn’t seem to cross people’s minds is using their flexible spending accounts (FSA) or insurance benefits before the new year. In most cases, these accounts and benefits don’t roll over, they expire and start over each year, so if you don’t use your budget, you lose it.

Most people think that they have to visit the dentist, at most, twice a year; that’s not the case. If you have a few extra dollars in your FSA or insurance benefits, don’t be afraid to come in for an additional cleaning, it definitely doesn’t hurt to get it done.

FSA and insurance benefits can also help you get the crown you’ve been waiting to do or that discolored filling fixed? As any Dentist can tell you, dental problems, (like chipped or cracked teeth) tend to get worse the longer you wait. So why not use the extra money in your FSA or insurance benefits to get the work done that will make you more comfortable for years to come?

At Goodman Dental Center, our mission is to provide our patients with affordable dental care along with the most innovative technology to give them the best care. The year is ending, so don’t let your unused benefits you’ve been paying for every month go to waste. Use them today at Goodman Dental Center and get the perfect smile you’ve been waiting for before the year’s end.

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