Anxious at the Dentist? Sedation Is a Safe Option

Spending time at the dentist may not be your favorite pastime, but it shouldn’t cause unnecessary stress or fear. When it comes to your oral health, getting routine dental care plays a significant role in maintaining strong teeth and gums. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry.

At Goodman Dental Center in Queen Creek, Arizona, under the experienced and compassionate guidance of Brian Goodman, DDS, and Tanner Goodman, DMD, you can take care of all your dental needs. And, if you’re hesitant about coming in, sedation dentistry can help you to stay relaxed as we look after your dental health.

How sedation dentistry can relieve your anxiety

Dental anxiety is a real problem, impacting more than 60% of people worldwide. Unfortunately, these fears prevent millions of men and women from getting the dental care they need. 

If you’re one of them, we can help. At Goodman Dental Center, we offer several options in sedation dentistry, ranging from anti-anxiety medication taken orally to intravenous sedation administered through an IV drip.

Oral medication

This popular approach involves taking a prescription medication by mouth before your appointment. It enables you to get to a state of relaxation before you even walk through our doors. Depending on your level of anxiety, we can provide you with additional sedation once you arrive.

Gas sedation

With this sedation, you breathe in nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas. As the gas takes effect, it can make you feel calm and happy.

IV sedation

With intravenous conscious sedation, you’re given medication through an IV drip, and it induces sleep.

With any of these treatments, you’ll need to have someone take you to and from your appointment because of the effects of the sedation. The effects should wear off within a few hours of your treatment.

Picking the right treatment

To find the best option for you, we’ll discuss your level of dental anxiety prior to your treatment. If you have anxiety, we may prescribe oral medication for you to take prior to your arrival. And, when you arrive, we’ll discuss it again to see if you need more sedation to reach a comfortable state. 

Rest easy knowing that our caring team will listen to your concerns every step of the way. Our top priority is reducing your anxiety and keeping you relaxed during your visit. Once you’re relaxed and calm, we’ll get to work quickly and finish before you know it. And, once you see how easy it is, you’ll have no reason to fear coming back!

To see how sedation dentistry can ease your fears, book an appointment over the phone with Goodman Dental Center today.

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